How to Make Your Own Lanyard

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Bondoggle or Scoubidou is the art of making lanyards. Several long strands of rope, cord, or other similar materials are used in this well-loved craft. By making different knots, shapes and forms, lanyards can be created with the strands.

In 1935, New York Times used the term Bondoggle to report that $3 million dollars were spent on recreational crafts classes. The tools that were created during these classes were made of leather or cloth and named the production as “boon doggles”.

lanyardsLanyards are always useful for securing your gadgets and now, you can make one for yourself or give it as a gift. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. You can start with the easy, step-by-step guide of making the crown sinnet lanyard. First, prepare these materials:

1. Cord, gimp, or craft lace
2. Measuring tape or ruler
3. Scissors
4. Lanyard hook
5. Lighter

The Step-By-Step Guide

1. Cut two lengths of cord or craft lace about 1 meter each. This should yield around 7.6 centimeters. However, you can always choose to cut a longer length if you desire a thicker or longer lanyard. Beginners should always use two colors for the two lengths.

2. Stretch the cords, fold it in half, and find the center. The ends should be even to make sure that it truly is the cord’s midsection.

3. Imitate the cross sign by placing the two centers of the cord over each other. If you need to use the lanyard as a key holder, slip the clip into the end of the bottom cord and slowly pull it towards the center. You can adjust the position later if it’s not exactly in the middle.

4. Fold two loops using the bottom cord. Use one finger or a heavy but small object to hold the center down so it wouldn’t move while you finish the first stitch. Use your free hand to grab the bottom cord’s end. Create a large loop by holding the bottom end over the center. Make another large loop by grabbing the other bottom end. Make sure that the ends loop over the finger in the center and that they are not overlapping.

5. Draw the end of the top cord towards the center.

6. Use the second loop to pull the end of the top cord. This can simply be done by placing it on top of the first loop. By now, both ends of your top cords are facing the same direction.

7. Grab the untouched end of the other top cord. This cord should be the only one left that’s not part of the loop.

8. Use your second loop and pull the top cord through it. Just place it on top of the first loop that you will meet. The loop that the second cord just went through is the same loop your first cord was placed on top of.

9. Remove the finger that’s holding down the center and put it on the first stitch’s top. Steady the middle and tighten your stitch.

10. Use your free hand to tug all the ends of your cords and tighten your stitch. You can repeat the process until all the stitches are tight. Secure your clip or hook in place by turning the stitch over. The clip should be directly above the series of stitches you just created. The stitches may look like a woven box. Tighten the stitches again when you have adjusted the clip.

11. Start making another knot. Prepare two non-crossing loops. The end of the first cord should go through the second loop and over the first loop. Repeat the process with the end of the second cord. Tug down the ends to tighten it.

12. Repeat all the knots until your cord runs out.

13. Finish the lanyard. If you are using lace, just cut and burn the ends to close it. If you are using a gimp, finish the stitch, tighten it and trim the strands.

Always keep the tension of the stitches tight for a tidy, crisp look. Once all the stitches are done, your lanyard will remain durable. You can put the lanyard in hot water to strengthen it even more. Now, you have your own customized lanyard. Still, if you need lanyards in large quantities, it’d be better to get in touch with companies that manufacture them.

Author Bio:  produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

How To Get Golf Shoes Online

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Golfers normally wear special shoes before playing their games. Their shoes usually contain spikes that can be made of plastic or metal. These golf shoes help them walk and play in grassy and slippery golf courses. Most golf clubs have dress codes and they require players to wear these shoes.

Golf shoes can be bought in stores selling sporting goods. If your place doesn’t have a shop that sells these items, you can order them online. To know on how to purchase these shoes online, here are the steps on how to do it.

Know your shoe size

Golf ShoesBefore you purchase shoes online, make sure that you know your shoe size. If you don’t know it, it will be difficult to buy items online. Make sure to measure your feet first. You can do it by tracing one foot on paper. After tracing it, use a ruler to measure its length and width. Take note of the measurements and look for a shoe size chart and converter online. You should also know how other countries measure shoe sizes so that you won’t get confused.

Think about your ideal shoes

After knowing your shoe size, think about the ideal shoes you want. If you have a favorite color, you can buy shoes of that color. Ask yourself if you prefer rubber or leather golf shoes. Decide whether you’ll buy shoes with plastic or metal spikes. Having ideas will help you find the perfect shoes fast.

Look for online shops

Use the internet to search for online stores selling golf shoes. Some stores offering these items also sell various golf equipment. Find out the payment methods they accept. Make sure that they are applicable to you. Don’t consider the shop if it will be difficult to pay for the available items.

Compare the shoes

Before you buy a pair of golf shoes in an online store, compare the items you’ve seen first. Aside from the shoe designs, compare the prices as well. Don’t forget to check the product details and reviews. Make sure that there are items appropriate to your size. Pick the pair that you like the most and adding the selected item(s) to the shop’s “cart”.

Pay for the shoes

After ordering a pair of shoes, specific your preferred payment and shipping method. Identify the total amount you need to pay. Some stores have shipping fees and they usually depend on the items purchased and the destination where they will be delivered. If you’re planning to pay using a credit card, be careful filling up card details. Make sure that all the information specified are correct. As for other payment methods, wait and follow the seller’s intructions on how to do them correctly. Some methods might require you to go to a bank or post office to send money.

Wait for the shoes to be shipped

Wait for the order to be shipped after paying for it. Find out how long will it take before it arrives in your area. You can track it down if the seller provided a tracking number. If you haven’t recieved your order yet, notify the seller immediately.

Check the shoes

Once your order arrives, you can start opening the package. Check if there are defects. If the shoes are defective, ask the seller on how to return them.

Make a review

If you order arrived successfully, make a product review. Let the people know if you’re satisfied with the product or not. Write a service review as well. Describe your experience with a particular seller. You can also recommend it to your fellow golfers.

Guidelines in Creating PCB Fabrication Instructions

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PCBs have a wide range of applications, especially in today’s world full of electronic products. From cellular phones, tablets, high-speed computers and laptops, to household appliances and into more sensitive applications in aerospace industries, weapons, military, medicine and scientific research, PCBs are at the heart of all of these.

PCB fabrication process starts with the creation of the PCB design. Along with the design are the instructions for the fabrication process. This section is very important because the entire assembly process depends on it.

Relevant information like the following should be in the printed circuit board fabrication instruction:

• Hole sizes (drill holes where components are later mounted) – should contain information on the tolerances and plating requirements

• Dimensions of the edges, such as holes or other features

• Details of the outline of the board including all dimension and tolerance requirements

• Type of preferred surface finish

• Finished Copper Weights

• Solder mask requirements

• Technical contact information

• Silkscreen requirements

• Finished Board thickness, including tolerances, and measurement criteria

• Any additional requirements such as controlled dielectrics, impedance, plugged vias, etc.

The PCB fabrication instructions can be found in the following files:

BOM (Bill of Materials)

This file contains a complete description of the different parts and electronic components and where these are placed on the printed circuit board. The BOM should have the following information:

• Line / Item #

• Reference Designator

• Part Description

• Part Number (Digi-Key part numbers are ok)

• Quantity Per (# of instances of a single part number)

• Type (SMT, through-hole, fine-pitch, or BGA / leadless)

• Package (QFN32, SOIC, 0805, etc.)

Gerber Files

pcbnetGerbers are also required by manufacturers, which are generated by CAD program using the RS-274X program. The minimum requirements include trace, silkscreen and solder paste layers.

In simple terms, a Gerber file is like a PDF file. This is the core component that is very crucial in the supply chain of the electronics manufacturing field. This is the standard file format used in the electronics industry, which communicates critical design information for the different types of PCB before PCB fabrication gets under way.

The above mentioned RS-274X program is the newer file format. It contains all the information for a single layer of printed circuit board in just a single file.

Gerber files contain the following information:

• Configuration parameters

This controls several factors in the assembly such as the rendering process, geometry (black drawn on white or white drawn on black)

• Macro and aperture definitions (AD and AM parameters)

Macros or AM parameters refer to the complex shapes that will be used for registration marks, lettering, logo and other special geometry for the design. Apertures determine the thickness of the copper traces and the shape and size of the pads.

• Drawing commands

These refer to the geometric shapes, lines arcs and flashes drawn on the circuit board hat refer to the traces, components and pads.

• X and Y coordinate

This refers to the orientation of the components in relation to the width and length of the board.


Centroid refers to the XY data or the pick-and-place or insertion data. This will determine the specific part and its position on the board. This file is in the ASCII Text format, which includes the Theta, X and Y orientations. The X axis refers to the length of the board and the Y-axis refers to the width of the printed circuit board. It also includes which side of the board the components go and the reference designator.

Assembly Instructions, drawings and photos

These are not generally asked for in the PCB fabrication process but these will greatly help in the easy and accurate manufacture and carrying out of instructions for special PCB assembly. These are strongly recommended when the assembly requires non-standard processes or if ambiguous placements are required.

Pcbnet or printed circuit boards are used for a number of functions in electronic devices.

Benefits of Using Real HCG Drops

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There are a lot of supplements that you can take when it comes to losing weight and much more. Finding a way to move through the notion of getting yourself into the right path is rough, however, as there are so many ways that you can explore this notion. At first glance, you may find that it’s easy to tie yourself to any given diet plan, but you will have to do more than just focus on the things that you think will make you move forward. You have to look at the bigger picture, specifically the options that are going to help you gain the most benefits. For instance, if you were to look at real hcg drops, you would find that there is a cycle of relief that you can get for the management of weight loss and beyond. The following explores the notion a bit and maintains a great deal of opportunity for those that are looking at engaging the greater good that comes from finding true relief overall.

The Metabolic Push

HCG dropsThe first major benefit that comes with using real hcg drops, is that it will help with the enzyme that comes through in the body for natural weight management. Everyone has a metabolic rate, some are more prominent than others. When you have a high metabolism, you will rush through the fat deposits of your body and they will diminish in time. They will create a whole new balance that will get you to drop the pounds and create significant change in regards to your overall push forward. The metabolic rate is something that you can help naturally, with the supplement of hcg drops. They help with the enzyme and deliver more nutrients to turn the fat you have in your body into pure energy. That will pay off dividends in time, that’s for sure.

True Weight Loss

When you burn through fat cells, you will find yourself in a good amount of process. Your process moving forward here will definitely showcase the right elements, giving you a great deal of management. As you start to diminish the fat cells, increase energy function, and metabolize the right elements, you will not only feel a great deal of benefit, you will see the results faster than other arenas. Most people don’t realize how amazing this could be, especially when it comes to the movement forward within the weight loss lexicon. This is not water weight that you are going to be dropping through, you are going to be seeing into something grand, and something that is definitely worth exploring on a deeper level.

Fitness Increases

The next thing that you are going to find is that you will find fitness becomes a lot simpler. Finding a balance between weight loss, diet, exercise, and more is a complicated endeavor if you search online. However, if you look for natural elements such as real hcg drops, the whole process becomes a bit easier. The benefit that you will see in regards to your weight will drive you to get into action, move around a bit, and increase your fitness capacity. This alone is well worth looking into, and will deliver on a lot of different benefits alongside it.

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit that you need to think about is simple, results. Results will shine through the opportunity you chase in regards to seeing relief. The goal is not just to lose weight but to establish true management through health, and that’s what happens when you exercise, diet, and use the hcg drops to your advantage. It’s going to pay off, guaranteed.

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The HCG drops contain all natural ingredients, which make this a very safe way for you to lose weight. You don’t have to worry about injections, or spending thousands of dollars at clinics – these drops are taken orally and as a result, the cost is much lower than other diet options, saving your thousands of dollars, just visit URL.

All About Custom Military Coins

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A challenge coin is a custom coin used by different associations to symbolize their brand or identity. This is usually used as a sign of membership. Possession of a medallion that has a certain organization’s emblem may mean that you are a member of that association. It is often called as the medallion or custom military coins. It is called in such a way because it is originally used by the military forces. It may have different meanings among different unions.

Challenge coins are common among people nowadays. There may be a lot of people who have these in their possession. The question is, what is it really all about? Here are the basic stuff about the medallion.


Custom military coinsThe custom military coins, just like other coins, may come in different shapes and sizes. It depends on the organization’s or individual’s preference. They may also come in different sizes. So what does it looks like? These are the elements that compose the totality of the medallion. First, it has two faces, the front and the reverse. It is usually round-shaped but others do not appear this way.

The coin has an emblem embedded on it on both faces of the coin. It is the most visible part of the coin for it is the biggest image to be seen. Then, it has the union’s name on it. The year it was made can be seen at the reversed portion of it. Aside from these things, the tagline or motto of the organization may also be embedded on either side of the coin. Its color depends on the materials used in producing it.

Materials Used

The medallion is made of different elements and resources that are usually used in making regular coins as well. The materials can range from the simplest to the most precious ones. This will indicate the value of the custom military coins. They usually use basic metals for the base of it, then, they coat it with a precious finish. The metals they use are gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper and bronze. Since these metals already have their natural color, they will determine the body of the coin’s color.

The design such as the emblem is made with an epoxy coating. The epoxy coating is the material that can be colored. This is why the unions’ logos have other colors than the metals’ hues.

The Challenge

This is a tradition among the unions to ensure that their members have the custom military coins with them. The challenge is basically a dare if the members always carry their coins. Once they were not able to produce a medallion of their unit, they will have to buy drinks for the challenger or for all those who were able to produce a coin. This is how the association members are able to acquire or obtain more medallions.

The Medallion as a Reward

In some organizations, they often give challenge coins to their members as a reward. In military organizations, they usually receive this once they are promoted. Some constituents receive the coin as a sign of recognition for their achievements and the honor they have given to their union. This may also be given to the members of the association as a reward for performing well with their tasks. Officers also grant this to those people who have shown exemplary behaviour while under their territory or rule. It can also encourage other members to work harder.

The Relevance

The medallion is more than just a simple coin. Yes, it is a coin, but it is does not have the same worth as a regular coin. Aside from its material value because of the precious materials used to produce it, it also has a priceless meaning on it. It has a sentimental value. It represents one’s dignity, integrity and identity as a member of one union. It is a symbol of one’s participation in a group in which the same mission, vision, beliefs and goals are shared by each affiliates.

Choosing a Cremation Urn

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CremationExperiencing death or loss of a close and loving person in your life is a devastating phase. In times like this, some people do not know how to handle such situation. Despite all the grieving for the person who passed away, the family still has to make arrangements for the funeral. Even if most of the preparations are taken care of by the funeral home, some things still need the opinion of the family. Some of these tasks are deciding on burial or cremation, buying funeral flowers and urns, and inviting guests.

When the family opts for crematory services, the following factors should be considered in choosing a memorial urn:

1.Select an appropriate size of the urn.

Finding the right size of the urn is easy. Just remember that for every 1 pound of remains,the required volume area is 1 cubic inch. Consider selecting an urn slightly larger than the computed size.

2.Decide whether the cremation urn will be displayed, stored, or buried.

This is an essential factor in selecting the appropriate urn. If the memorial urn will be displayed inside your home, choose an urn with beautiful and highly decorative designs. On the other hand, if the memorial urn is to be buried or to be displayed outdoors, like in a garden, consider the durability and material of the urn.

3.Decide on the material.

Traditional cremation urns are typically made of materials such as bronze, brass, or pewter. Other traditional materials are wood, ceramic, glass, or stone such as granite or marble.

If you are planning to display loved one in your backyard or garden, consider a weatherproof urn so that it can withstand heavy rains and intense winds.

If you are planning to bury the remains of your loved one, consider a biodegradable urn. This is applicable especially if the wish of the deceased to return to the earth. This option is environmental-friendly. Nowadays, biodegradable urns are available which are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, leaves, tree bark and untreated wood, and other natural materials.

4.Choose the color.

Memorial urns can come from wide range of colors. There are urns with plain colors, soft colors, serious colors, stylish colors, and many more. A great way of remembering your departed loved one is picking an urn in his favourite color.

5.Select a design.

There are so many design choices for memorial urns. You can choose from a simple cylindrical-shaped urn to intricate designed urns. What’s more is that cremation urns are now available in different themes that fits for your beloved one whether he is partaking in sports, arts, or any other fields.

If your dearly departed played a part in armed services, select an urn design that shows honor and patriotism. You can choose an urn engraved with military flag and insignias.

Moreover, you can even make a memorial urn customized by yourself. You can buy a covered vase or vessel or a stylish box. You can consider putting jewelry,the most common design, and other ornaments as well. You can also use an urn with a display photo of your departed loved one. You can carve it with a poem, a symbol, or a special remembrance.

Also, the ashes can be sealed into a pendant or a locket which can be worn. This way, you can still embrace and feel the presence of your loved one day by day. Due to the large amount of cremation ashes, many accessories can be made and can be distributed with family members and closest people in his life.

6.Decide based on your budget.

Ask for estimates before ordering a traditional or custom designed urn. Remember that even if you have a low budget, it does not mean you that have to compromise in the shape, quality, and design of the urn.

The Land of the Rising Property Counts

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Long island real estate boasts of fertile soil and picturesque villages. On the west, it has Nassau County which is half-urbanized and half-suburbanized. On the east is Suffolk County which is largely suburban in nature. These two counties may have different histories and ways of doing things but one thing is common between them- and that is they both offer an experience to be had only once in a lifetime. In this article, we will talk about Nassau County.

Real EstateNassau County was once a part of Queens, a borough of New York, but later on gained its freedom and was named after a prince of a country that once colonized it. Since then, the county had started to establish its own government, policies and laws. Nassau County, bit by bit, improved until recently when it has been awarded by the Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest counties in America.

Geographically speaking, Nassau County has two cities, three towns and 64 villages in an area of approximately 450 square miles. It is part of Long Island’s Housing Market Area together with Suffolk County. Over the past year, the median home list price of the county remained the same at $390,000. For the single/multi-family units, the average median price is $402,417, with May 2011 as the highest. For the condo units, the average is $521,833 with a declining trend starting May 2011.

In general, there have been fluctuating median home prices for the past 24 months. The good news is, there has been a constantly increasing sold property counts in the county, accounting for the improvement in its real estate status.

And of course, who would forget about the magnificent sceneries in Nassau County? If one is looking for beach clubs, Atlantic Beach is the place to go! It has even been famous among the elites and many people have started investing and buying houses since then. And as the law of supply and demand dictates, the prices of the real estate here have risen due to its popularity. And until now, it continues to exude its charm to both Long Island visitors and residents.

Nassau County is indeed rich in so many different wonderful things and there are a thousand reasons why the Forbes Magazine thought so, too.

Finding a Competent Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

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While there are lots of lawyers in New York who are claiming to be experts in handling foreclosure cases, you cannot just expect to find a competent one by simply reading ads or checking phone directories. Not all foreclosure lawyers are who they claim themselves to be. Here are some tips that you may consider in your search for the right Long Island foreclosure attorney.

Personal Referrals

One of your friends, colleagues at work, relatives or neighbors may have been in the same situation as yours. A good approach is to speak with individuals who you know have experienced the same foreclosure problem you are currently facing. Ask these people who their attorneys are and what they can say about the services rendered.

Many foreclosure attorneys in Long Island stay in business and continue to grow in popularity because of positive word of mouth. Talking to a number of individuals who had similar legal dealings will give you great chances of finding good leads. Ask who their lawyers are and get their contact information.

Every client has different impressions on the personality and style of an attorney. Hire a Long Island foreclosure attorney who makes you feel at ease to discuss your current financial hardships. Choose the one who you think can best handle your case.

Web Services

With the existence of the Internet comes the emergence of different online lawyer services. Numerous websites have surfaced with the common theme of helping homeowners to find and connect with local foreclosure attorneys. Generally, these websites only require users to answer some questions (for example, location, lawyer expertise, etc.) in order to generate the best results.

Many Long Island foreclosure lawyers also have their own sites on the Web, making it easy for locals to reach them. Try setting a consultation schedule to at least three lawyers that you can find on the Web and see who you think could best help you in your foreclosure case. Do not hesitate to ask questions that could be relevant for your case.

Local Legal Referrals

These days, there are several agencies that are offering local referral services. Most of these services were given approval by the state bar association. Typically, such service will refer foreclosure lawyers who were carefully screened for qualifications.

Prior to choosing a Long Island foreclosure attorney referral service, make sure to know how attorneys were screened and what its criteria or qualifications are for having a foreclosure lawyer to be included in their recommendation list. Basically, what you can obtain from any attorney referral service is insights on the philosophy of lawyers or what kind of personality a specific foreclosure lawyer possesses.

Once you have found good prospects, make sure to schedule an appointment to each of them so you can discuss your case, needs and expectations in advance. Observe if you and your potential foreclosure lawyer have personal chemistry as no matter how well-recommended and experienced a lawyer is, it may not be possible to achieve a good client and lawyer relationship if both of you do not feel comfortable speaking with each other during the initial consultation.

Follow your instincts and go for a Long Island foreclosure attorney whose qualities fit yours. Observe how your potential lawyer is willing to work with you. Make sure to ask your prospective lawyers for their rates too.

It would be best to ask for professional fees at once so you can prevent yourself from being surprised in end with as to how much you need to pay for the legal assistance and services. Too often, those who are advertising low fees on television are not including every service you will need in that fee. Compare what foreclosure lawyers are charging with the legal services they provide.

Author Bio:

The prides itself on its unparalleled client customer service and dedication to not only providing the best legal representation for our clients, but also providing our clients with the utmost knowledge and education pertaining to the entirety of any and all their specific legal needs.

Have you been living all his time with lots of clutter in your home? Did you even try to get rid of the clutter and seek some aid from a portable storage container? A house full of clutter is something that no one wants to see. If you have noticed some awkwardness in your relationship (friends, family, and/or significant other), most probably it’s because of your untidy and unorganized home.

portable storage containerSomeone who sees your cluttered home might think that you are someone who has no ability to put things in order. He or she might even suspect you of having the same personality and state of mind. If you find yourself feeling tired and restless, not lively, and always lazy then it is time to take action and put things (and your life) back in order.

The Container and You

For your de-cluttering project, you don’t need to buy the whole container. There are companies where you can rent a container. You need to take out all of your stuff to make the de-cluttering effective. You can put your things in the portable storage container and sort them. You need to throw away the things that are not needed or considered less important. If you keep on treasuring the junk, then it will never end. Even if you have a brand new four-storey house you still won’t be able to maintain an orderly place if you still have all the trash in your house.

Unfortunately, there are people who can’t part ways with their mementos or memorabilia even if they knew well that those are nothing but trash. A more alarming behavior is that of a compulsive hoarder or collector. Someone suffering from such behavior might have experienced trauma during childhood or early adolescent years.

The said collectors pick up things and keep them. The things can be flyers, button, boxes, and anything that they see as important or of value in the coming years. Compulsive hoarders need to seek some help from a professional and usually need to undergo a series of therapy.

If you don’t have any issues regarding your clutter, then its time to get serious and use the portable storage container to help you. Clear the clutter in your home and take your life back on track.

Sort Everything

When sorting your things, you only need two groups – the important and not important (including a bit important). The important documents are the things that you will need when legal battle occurs, and the rest are not important anymore. If you must, then choose to keep only the things that you really treasure. If you are hesitant whether to throw something or not, then throw it. You won’t be hesitating if it is something really important.

Keep in mind that your goal is to reduce the clutter and not feel sorry for the memory that comes with the memento. At any rate, you will be able to retain the memory even if the memento has gone. In the long run (especially when your memory begins to fail), you will soon forget about it and still continue to live.

If it is inevitable, you can choose to have the container as your treasure chest and throw the things that you can’t part with in it. That way, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home.

After de-cluttering your home, you will be able to feel light and livelier. You will notice that the damages in your relationships are beginning to heal. You will feel a surge of energy flowing within you. Your body will feel light and more energetic.

When that happens, your portable storage container is not only a valuable aid in de-cluttering your home. It is also a life saver.

Portable storage container that are moveablecontainer is not only a valuable aid in de-cluttering your home but also a life saver.

3 Creative Uses For Old Neck Lanyards

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It is possible that over the years, you have collected quite a handful of neck lanyards. Maybe your previous company gave all its employees customized neck lanyards as the official ID holder. Or maybe, during Christmas, you received several lanyards from different stores or organizations that you support. Probably, you were able to gather half a dozen lanyards from all the conferences and seminars that you have attended for the whole year.

The question that you want to be answered now is, what to do with all these old neck lanyards? Be amazed to discover that these old lanyards have actually numerous creative uses other than the original purposes that they were created for.

Here are three of them:

Neck lanyards1. Accessories. You could turn these old lanyards into beautiful accessories. You could make stylish and pretty necklaces, bracelets and anklets out of them. How? Get different types of lanyards – beaded, thin, thick, fabric or woven. Try to mix and match the different types of lanyards. Fabric and beaded lanyards would make a good combination. Another possible combination is two fabric lanyards with contrasting colors. Weave them together and then secure at the two ends.

If you need to add more length, for instance to make a necklace, you could use extra fabric or fancy chains. With chains, there is already a lock for your necklace or bracelet. If you use fabric, you could use hook and eye or buttons, or you could simply tie them at the back. People would never realize that your new accessories are just recycled, old lanyards.

2. House décor. There are some neck lanyards that are simply so memorable you would not want to cut them. However, you would not want to let them just gather dust or be placed in the attic and forgotten, right? The solution? Turn them into a house décor. Here is how. Buy a thin board at your local hardware. Cut it to a size that would fit a frame, around 10 x 15 inches. Cover it with a colored, plain paper.

Place your longest lanyard on the center of the board on a diagonal position. You can staple it at the back or place thumbtacks to hold it in place. Following that, place the rest of the lanyards diagonally, with one-inch distance from each other. Try to arrange the lanyards in such a way that the colors would match or complement the overall design. To strengthen the hold and prevent the lanyard from becoming loose plus to add beauty to the décor, you can also place some button pins on each lanyard in front. Place it on a frame and hang on your wall.

3. Bookmarks. Old neck lanyards made of satin would make great bookmarks. However, other lanyard materials would do, too. Simply cut the lanyards to around 6 inches. Sew the edges to keep it from fraying. At one end, make a loop where you can place an attachment. You can also use a thick rope or ribbon in lieu of the attachment. Place a cord or ribbon at the loop. That’s it. You have a simple homemade bookmark now.

You can improve this style by making a more elaborate bookmark design. You can add lace or any fabric that you would like to decorate on the old lanyard. You can use colored special paper, too. You can personalize your bookmark by putting your name or initials on the fabric or paper. This would also make a good gift for your kid’s classmate or donate some to your bookworm club.

These three creative ideas could also be made to give as gifts to close friends and families.